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Overture meaning

• Californians have already begun seeing overtures from retailers as the competition stirs. an independent piece of similar General CommentWhen I saw Roger Hodgson play this live in Norway 2011 he told us that the song was created from three separate pieces that he couldn't decide what to do with, so he put them together and Fool's Overture was born. • So in the overture they put Reuben Reeves on stage doing 1. Being new to the area, I made friendly overtures to some of the parents in the toddler playgroup in the hopes of making some new friends. The song started as a collage of musical ideas that Hodgson came up with, which they put together into a song about the fall of mankind. a. Tchaikovsky and the Pops Perhaps the most famous performance of the "1812 Overture" took place not in Russia or in Europe, but in America. Times, Sunday Times (2013) At …Definition and synonyms of overture from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Definition of overture in the Definitions. Make the overture a bit more significant than your casual invitations but not too heavy. What does overture mean? Information and translations of overture in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. ; a formal or informal proposal or offer: overtures of peace; a shy man who rarely made overtures of friendship. make overtures To express a willingness, openness, or eagerness to pursue something, such as a relationship or an intended course of action. • Opera overtures usually contain all the main musical themes of the opera, and should be listened to with the curtain down. View American English definition of overture. Says Hodgson: "HistorySocial Overture Social Response Social overture can be thought of as a behaviour initiated by the examinee that is directed to another person for the purpose of communicating social intent. Change your default dictionary to American English. net dictionary. Meaning of overture. • The Svoboda overture seemed a minor but palpable discovery. Music. an opening or initiating move toward negotiations, a new relationship, an agreement, etc. The overture was finally performed in 1882 during the Moscow Arts and Industry Exhibition in a tent outside of the cathedral (which wasn’t completed until 1883). View the pronunciation for overture. This is the British English definition of overture. 2. Running 10:58, this epic track was written by Supertramp's primary songwriters, Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, and Hodgson sang lead. . an orchestral composition forming the prelude or introduction to an opera, oratorio, etc. b. Times, Sunday Times (2012) She will probably behave brilliantly if you make the generous overture of inviting her in the first place

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